Blackthorn blossom is out 2021 Mar 22, 2021 Blackthorn blossom
Onions kept from June Feb 01, 2021 Onions seem to keep well indoors Onions from June
Tomatoes and Cucumbers have cotyledons Jan 12, 2021 Twelve days after sowing. Tomatoes and cucumbers have full-size cotyledons. First aubergine just seen (pot on right of picture) Tomatoes and cucumbers
Floyd Family History Jan 11, 2021 Notes on Floyd and Wilkinson family history View/Download PDF
2021 Starts Jan 01, 2021 Greenhouse controls updated. Raspberry pi in a new waterproof box from Timeguard. Added second heater outlet. Second 1200mm propagtor tray. One 120W for germination and peppers and one 60W for aubergines. 120W tray, when covered, keeps 75mm pots 12C above air temperature. Sowed tomatoes gardeners’ delight, aubergines moneymaker, and cucumber baby F1 Pots on propagtor
Started chitting potatoes 2022 Dec 13, 2020 Started chitting 32 (10kg) of Charlotte potatoes from the Potato House Charlotte Potatoes chitting
Onions 6 weeks in Nov 25, 2020 Onions have been in six weeks now and doing nicely Onions after ix weeks First sprouts 1st November (about 2 weeks)
Saturn and Jupiter over Pendeen Carn Nov 06, 2020 Saturn and Jupiter coming into conjuction over Pendeen Carn. About 17h45 on 6th December. 8 second exposure x10 zoom on mobile phone. Saturn and Jupiter setting over Pendeen Carn
First peas and beans just showing Nov 03, 2020 First peas and beans just poking through.
Autumn sowing - peas, beans and garlic Oct 22, 2020 Sowed a row of Kelvedon Wonder peas (about 130), and five short rows of Aquadulce broad beans as well as 18 of own saved garlic cloves. Pinch of Rootgrow in each garlic planting hole. Peas and beans soaked over night and sprinked with parafin to discourage mice.