Moon and Venus over Chûn Quoit Oct 14, 2020 Moon and Venus rising over Chûn Quoit. Taken with huawei p30 pro. Hand-held on a chilly morning so there is a little shake. Best opened in new tab/window and zoomed in a bit. Both Moon and Venus really are there! Moon and Venus rising over Chûn Quoit
Sweetcorn swift F1 sown Mar 15, 2020 Sweetcorn Swift f1 sown
Tomatoes have first true leaves Feb 06, 2020 About 20 days after sowing. Tomatoes in propagator in greenhouse just showing first true leaves First true leaves on tomatoes
Melons Sown Jan 29, 2020 Melons Galia Lavi Gal F1 sown in propagator in greenhouse
Aubergine Moneymaker seedlings are through. Jan 21, 2020 About ten days after sowing. Aubergine Moneymaker seedlings are through.
Tomato seedlings through. Cucumbers sown Jan 15, 2020 Tomatoes Gardener’s Delight and Mandarin seedings are through and now under a light. Cucumber Baby F1 seeds sown in propagator
Senshyu autumn onions now have roots Oct 14, 2019 We set out the autumn onions (Senshyu) about a week ago and a few jump out, or are pulled out, each day. They now have roots. Senshyu onions with roots
Sweetcorn Harvest Aug 14, 2019 Sweetcorn harvest well underway. We have about 8 or 9 in the freezer and have eaten about the same number. We grew the variety Swift, an F1. Sown in plug trays 14 March in greenhouse on the propagator; planted out last week of April in a 5 by 5 block. The wind got two rows so we were left with a 3 by 5 block. ... Read more
Started harvesting aubergines Jul 27, 2019 We have picked two good sized aubergines and it looks like another will be ready in a day or two will plenty coming on behind. Aubergine plants on the bench
Wildflowers - Gallery June 2019 Jun 30, 2019

The perennial wild flowers we planted a couple of years back are blooming.

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