Planted Asparagus

We lost all our asparagus due to very cold spring and neglect so trying again! Autumn planting is unsual but quite feasable, particularly here in Cornwall.

We got 10 of each and they are planted in two rows 5, 5, and 5 each alphabeticly from the bank.

Asparagus set out
Asparagus set out
Asparagus put to bed
Asparagus put to bed
We got ours from D.T.Brown who describe the collection like this:


Asparagus Mondeo is a very impressive, very early, all male hybrid asparagus which we have found produces impressive yields of juicy spears. The spear tips remain tight throughout the season and asparagus plants have proved to have an excellent disease resistance. Suitable for harvesting as white or green asparagus.

Guelph Millennium:

Asparagus Guelph Millennium was bred in Canada at the University of Guelph, this all male asparagus variety has exceptional vigour and gives exceptional yields. Perfect in combination with asparagus Mondeo as it crops later. Guelph Millennium is perfectly suited to our climate - even cool damp conditions - and is possibly the hardiest asparagus available. Asparagus Guelph Millennium grows well in a variety of soils and has now become one of the most widely grown asparagus varieties worldwide.

Pacific Purple:

This New Zealand-bred, purple speared, mid season variety is sweeter, more tender (on account of its low fibre) and higher in antioxidants than green types. It is also high yielding and absolutely delicious. So tender, it can even be eaten raw if desired.