CItris – A console mode tetris in C#

A very simple console mode tetris in C# without using Object Oriented features.



Edexcel Level 3 BTEC National Unit 16 Procedural Programming distinguishes between procedural and object oriented programming techniques. Arguably this is an absurd distinction, but they are the awarding body so we have to go with what they say.

I wrote a number of programs help me to decide which initial programming language to use with entry-level programmers.  This tetris is one such. It turned out to be too difficult to use to build the course around but I did promise the learners the source code at the end of the course, for them to use how they want.

This document citrusDoc explains the code and how to compile it.

The code itself is here Program.cs The file is called Program.cs_.txt YOU WILL NEED TO RENAME IT TO HAVE A .cs EXTENSION (WordPress will not let me upload .cs files – bah!)